пятница, 23 июня 2017 г.

Facade Design in the classical style from Katrina Antonovich

Architectural design and interior design from Katrina Antonovich is the creation of the best options for elite houses. A talented architect creates modern palaces with the latest technology. The design of the facade of the house from Katrina Antonovich creates the right first impression of the owner of the house. Beautiful architectural elements and high-end decor harmoniously decorate the building. This is a real architectural Masterpieces from a talented designer.

Architectural design,  interior design, Katrina Antonovich

четверг, 22 июня 2017 г.

Best Apartment design of Katrina Antonovich

Interiors of Katrina Antonovich are a symbol of perfection and absolute harmony. Interior design is an excellent way to create an ideal living environment. Such materials familiar to us, like glass, marble, silk and natural wood, acquire new forms and new ways of decorating the interiors. Talented solutions of the designer surprise and delight with their beautiful moments. With the help of modern lighting techniques, the designer places emphasis and visually increases the space. Each interior of Katrina Antonovich is unique in its beauty. Inspiration and undoubted talent underlie every new interior design project. The character of the interior, the color palette and textures open in a completely new way, surprising with their harmonious appearance. The sense of style, subtle perception of beauty and the ability to understand the inner world of each customer open up new trends of the classical style in interiors

Best Apartment design, Katrina Antonovich

среда, 21 июня 2017 г.

Penthouse design Dubai by Katrina Antonovich

Designer Katrina Antonovich is a professional in the field of creating luxurious interiors of expensive apartments and penthouses. She creates unique projects, prefers classical style and art deco style. The design of the apartments is also work with non-typical areas. It requires special attention, from the competent zoning of space to the ideal location of interior items. All this in the case of the elite design of apartments and penthouses requires special filigree. As a rule, the creation of an impeccable design project originates from the architectural design that the team of Katrina Antonovich mastered in perfection and in which she is ready to introduce your most refined and bold ideas.

Penthouse design Dubai, Katrina Antonovich

понедельник, 19 июня 2017 г.

Lovely bedroom design from Katrina Antonovich

A cozy and luxurious bedroom pleases the eye with its aesthetic perfection. Katrina Antonovich's interior design fills houses with unique beauty. Ideal organization of the space, beautiful decor, modern lighting and noble materials. All this talented designer combines in a beautiful picture of a cozy bedroom. The worldwide designer Katrina Antonovich creates the design with elegance, an exceptional attention to customers wishes. She develops not only the perfect and charming environment,she make history of design and architecture

Lovely bedroom design, Katrina Antonovich

воскресенье, 18 июня 2017 г.

Beautiful interiors of Katrina Antonovich

Each interior of the designer Katrina Antonovich is a new masterpiece of luxury and comfort. The master bedroom design embodies the fine traditions of classical style and baroque. This is an amazing combination of unique designer ideas and noble materials. The interior of the luxurious bedroom has become a real celebration of the soul for the customers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design

Beautiful interiors, Katrina Antonovich

среда, 14 июня 2017 г.

House Interior Design of Luxury Antonovich Design

Interior design from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is always unique in beauty masterpieces. Beautiful interiors from Katrina Antonovich delight owners of houses around the world. A talented designer foresees future fashion trends in the design of luxury housing. In the work we use new technologies, elite materials and creative ideas. Luxurious interiors impress with their unique way of celebrating the life and warmth of the home. All decisions of the designer are based on the dreams and desires of the customers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury Antonovich Design, Katrina Antonovich, House Interior Design

понедельник, 12 июня 2017 г.

House Design in Cambodia from Katrina Antonovich

Luxury villa in Cambodia reflects the best traditions of classical style. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich created a unique beauty project. This is the luxury of a modern palace for real connoisseurs of beauty and comfort. Exquisite decor, noble materials and a bright range of shades. The design of the house in Cambodia from Katrina Antonovich has become a model of the best traditions of design in the classical style.

House Design in Cambodia,  Katrina Antonovich

Populent master bedroom design of Katrina Antonovich

Populent master  bedroom design reflects the trends of modern technology and the new breath of the classical style in interiors. In this beautiful bedroom, the ceiling design, the design of the walls, the decoration of the windows and the beds and the decor of the floor are harmoniously and closely interconnected. The stylish interior uses exquisite and luxurious fabrics. The interiors of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design are amazing emotions, when beauty is not just fascinating, it fascinates the view, remaining in memory forever. Playing and improvising with textures, designer Katrina Antonovich achieves the effect of infinity and airiness of luxurious space. The perfect harmony and interrelation between each fragment and every element of the decor creates a visual integrity of the interior. Complementing the lightness and elegance of the interior is a light range of shades. The interior of the bedroom sets up pleasant and relaxing emotions.

Populent master bedroom design, Katrina Antonovich

суббота, 10 июня 2017 г.

Masterpiece interior design of Katrina Antonovich

On a wave of inspiration, and in close collaboration with the owners of this beautiful interior was designed luxury villas. Each square meter of the interior everything is perfect and harmonious. Each square meter is filled with sumptuous decor for authoring designers. This interior is all unique and unrepeatable. Upholstered furniture on studio sketches designers admire its magnificent decoration. Comfortable sofas are upholstered in cream-colored precious textiles. Ceiling tells a separate story of beauty and luxury. Shallow niches flowing lines highlighted by soft lighting, and elegant chandeliers fill the room a festive mood. Picks design motifs of the ceiling and floor of a magnificent natural marble with an exquisite pattern of carved stone. It is ideal where Katrina Antonovich has combined classical and oriental style.

Masterpiece interior design,  Katrina Antonovich

пятница, 9 июня 2017 г.

Interior design majlis of Katrina Antonovich

Interior design concept of majlis based on a combination of modern classics, oriental style and modern. Splendid design solution was to organize the space of the room. Living room design can be attributed to a single direction of design art. This room in the house or apartment should be fully express the status of home owners, their taste, understanding of beauty and hospitality. Eastern Interior room is impressive lavish décor. Curtains made of noble silk embroidered beautifully with upholstered furniture. Carved marble floors emphasize the elegance of natural composition. The paintings on the walls and ceiling restrained decor reflect the best trends of the classical style. A further highlight of furniture complements the interior bright festive mood. Interior design of Katrina Antonovich determines the future of the beautiful art of luxury and comfort.

Interior design majlis, Katrina Antonovich, Luxury Antonovich Design

вторник, 6 июня 2017 г.

Curtains Design Dubai of Katrina Antonovich

Luxurious curtains, which decorate the interiors, become the main element of home comfort. And one of the most beautiful ways to decorate interiors in the classical style are the curtains curtains from the studio of Luxury Antonovich Design. This is the perfect combination of luxurious fabrics and elite accessories, so that every room in the house becomes especially expressive, a little romantic and, of course, magnificent. The choice of fabrics and accessories that exists today, as well as the boundless imagination of the designer, allow creating beautiful versions of the decoration of windows, never repeating. Beautiful curtains from Katrina Antonovich - a synonym for impeccability, aesthetic perfection and beauty. The designer creates unique images of luxurious interiors, paying special attention to the direction of textile design. After all, curtains become the final touch of the project, which makes the image of the interior complete in its cozy and luxurious appearance. Interiors of Katrina Antonovich become fascinating stories, each of which reveals the secret secrets of the warmth of home comfort and refined author's decisions.

Curtains Design Dubai, Katrina Antonovich