пятница, 29 июля 2016 г.

Interior design living room by Katrina Antonovich

Interior living room was the epitome of oriental cordiality and hospitality. The classic style with elegant motifs offered to Katrina Antonovich project. The interior is full of highlights and innovative ideas. The decor of the walls there are 3D panels of glass with inlays of gold. Paintings by contemporary artists have become the center of the wall decor. In the design of the windows reflected the best traditions of the classical style. The alignment of upholstered furniture matches the traditional Majlis in the East homes. Another original and exclusive judgment of the designer became graceful marble columns backlit, inserts made of crystal and gilt lines. The interior has a unique charm of luxury in the spirit of modern classics

Interior design by Katrina Antonovich, Interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design

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