пятница, 20 ноября 2015 г.

Modern villa design

In our blog we are excited to share the new villa project in Palm Jumeirah. Mind-blowing, man-made island Palm Jumeirah as if transferred from the pages of science fiction novels in the desert is considered one of the boldest engineering structures. And this new villa project is a laconic continuation of innovation of modern luxury. The main motive of this wonderful interior story is a wonderful cool oasis in the desert. In the interior by a nice range of cool colors is dominated. Interior Designers Dubai of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio masterfully used such a traditional material as glass. Balustrades of staircases and decorative panels with LED backlight are made of transparent glass. White marble supports the mood of wonderful pleasant coolness. In the Modern villa design some remodeling was provided. Interior designers have achieved amazing effect of infinite luxury space. Illumination plays no less important role in the project. The traditional crystal chandeliers are complemented by accents of LED backlighting and illuminated panels made of semiprecious stones. The variety of spectacular design techniques in the decoration of the walls became the basis of a unique and artistically expressive image of the interior.

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