четверг, 19 ноября 2015 г.

Master Bedroom

Shining beauty of the author's Master Bedroom interior from Luxury Antonovich Design Elite Interiors Studio is filled with delicate and charming mood. In the predominant snow-white shades curtains of pale blue silk and the floor with pretty carved patterns look adorable. A modern classic in the projects of design studio always wins the hearts by its unique beauty and elegance. Ceiling Decor very clearly demonstrates the excellent influence of modern technology. When the curls of stucco, gilding and a grand chandelier look particularly refined with additional LED lighting. Luxury furniture inlaid with carved handmade decor emphasizes the respectability of the interior. High headboard is a united composition with the wall decor. The mood of warmth of home comfort is complemented by the soft milky carpet. Textile wallpaper that filled boiserie, shimmers under the light of chandelier. Master Bedroom Design embodies the splendor of modern luxury.

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