четверг, 26 ноября 2015 г.

Interior design in India

Flight of creative imagination of designers from Luxury Antonovich Design and their great talent help a lot in every project to bring unique features. This architectural interior design in India reflects the spirit of modern luxury and fine traditions of Indian culture. Fashionable interiors are increasingly attracted to luxury and splendor. Owners of a modern palace, who belong to the highest caste in this country, basing on the fundamentals of their position, try to reflect everything in their home in accordance with the traditions. The splendor of luxury in this author's project is built to the highest degree of beauty. Amazing sitting room in the house is a central element in the overall design concept, on which the entire composition of the house interior in India is based. The bright and rich colors, gilding, semi-precious stones, classic and oriental, brought to the house notes of elegance and nobility. Majestic and aristocratic interior is a subject to the best canons of classical and Oriental styles, and the possibility of new technologies helped the designers to give the interior exclusivity and notes of intellectual luxury.

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