понедельник, 26 октября 2015 г.

Contemporary villa interior from Kateryna Antonovich

Laconic can be incredibly luxurious and comfortable. Kateryna Antonovich offered sophisticated solutions in a modern style for villas in Dubai. Customers would get an exclusive interior with extraordinary character and were ready for bold experiments. The villa interior design in Dubai perfectly reflected owners' dreams. The designer uses bright decorations and precious materials. Noble black marble with white veins occupies a significant portion of the space. To soften the coolness of this material, the interior designer in Dubai complements the interior with velvet of chocolate shade in furniture upholstery. There is a refined play of contrasts In the interior. The white walls contrast with stylish contemporary black shutters. Light marble floor became a striking contrast with black marble. Kateryna Antonovich pays a special attention in the interior to lighting, using modern technology. Thus, in the living room the ceiling is decorated with mirror panels with facet, in which an elegant crystal chandelier sparkles. In the hall glass partitions are decorated with LED illumination lines that create the perfect illusion of flowing water. Villa design in Dubai reflects new trends in the luxurious interiors. High-quality 3D visualization allows you to review all the fine details.

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