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The architecture art from Katrina Antonovich

The art of landscape design and architecture is closely interrelated in every project of the architect Katrina Antonovich. Beautiful facades of buildings are completed in their architectural image, thanks to framing from landscape landscapes. A harmonious combination of green and flowering plants, small architectural forms, ponds, bridges, park paths, sculptures becomes a continuation of the external appearance of the building. Modern technologies allow creating real oases in different parts of the world. And the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design creates exclusive architecture options for the most respectable elite real estate in the world.

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среда, 20 сентября 2017 г.

Interior Design elite real estate of Katrina Antonovich

 The interiors of elite real estate created by the designer Katrina Antonovich impress with their scope and level of beauty. An ideal combination of luxury, comfort and modern technology is in every project of the interior designer of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Katrina Antonovich treats the classical style in a new way. In his tradition, she masterly adds fresh ideas and accents to other styles. Each new design project becomes a new discovery, a new luxury oasis for elite real estate owners around the world.

Interior Design elite real estate,  Katrina Antonovich

вторник, 19 сентября 2017 г.

The best architect Katrina Antonovich

 Each new project Katrina Antonovich is a new architectural pearl. Exquisite facades in the frame of a luxurious landscape design adorn the city. The architect masterfully improvises with styles, architectural forms, materials and textures. Each new architectural project of Katrina Antonovich is unique in its beauty solutions. The owners of elite real estate order projects in the studio Luxury Antonovich Design in Dubai. The result surpassed their expectations. This beautiful villa will delight many generations of a respected family.

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четверг, 14 сентября 2017 г.

Garden Design by Katrina Antonovich

The design of the garden from Katrina Antonovich becomes a beautiful continuation of the beautiful exterior. Competent planning of the garden, the use of small architectural forms, a harmonious combination of exotic plants, sculptures, fountains and artificial ponds. All this landscape designer Katrina Antonovich uses to create a unique of beauty project garden. Outdoor recreation will bring only happy emotions and aesthetic pleasure to the owners of the house.

Garden Design, Katrina Antonovich, landscape designer

вторник, 12 сентября 2017 г.

Architectural project in the classical style by Katrina Antonovich

 The classical style in architecture remains at the peak of popularity. It is chosen by successful people for the construction of their homes and country residences. Architect and designer Katrina Antonovich creates unique in beauty projects in the classical style. Beautiful facade with luxurious architectural elements. Pilasters, columns, pediments, terraces, tiled roof. All this architect unites  into a single expressive picture of a luxurious building. Part of each project is landscape design, which becomes a laconic continuation of the exterior appearance of the building. It is an architectural design of a house that will delight with its beauty many generations of the family of its owners.

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понедельник, 11 сентября 2017 г.

Luxury and functionality in the kitchen interior rom Katrina Antonovich

Luxury and functionality in the kitchen interior rom Katrina Antonovich is a prerequisite for the design of this kind of premises. The designer harmoniously continues the design of the house concept in the classical style. And the interior design of the kitchen includes the capabilities of modern technology. The noble facades of natural wood with carved decor and gilding have the latest kitchen appliances and modern storage systems. Katrina Antonovich combines virtuosity with beauty, comfort, ergonomics and functionality in the interior of the kitchen. This luxurious space is created for inspiration and creating exquisite dishes.

Kitchen design, Katrina Antonovich

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Architectural project of the residence from Katrina Antonovich

 When traditions merge with modern trends, the beauty of the exterior fully corresponds to its interior decoration, and comfort and functionality perfectly coexist with the beauty of the surrounding landscape landscape. It is then that you can safely call the house project perfect in its purpose. And the main purpose, which formed the basis of this new architectural project from Katrina Antonovich, is to give joy to the warmth of the family hearth for many generations of a noble family. Family traditions and values, the history of the ancient family penetrated every decision of designers and architects. The building will become a world pearl of architecture. And its owners will experience pride, delight and a lot of positive emotions from owning such a beautiful architectural masterpiece.

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