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Luxury Master bedrom design of Katrina Antonovich

Luxury Master bedrom design of Katrina Antonovich is filled with a romantic charm of a cozy and comfortable rest. The interior designer interlaces such styles as classic and baroque. Lush decor fills the interiors with a special festive mood. Each project is unique. Each new bedroom interior becomes a paradise oasis for a cozy holiday.

Master bedrom design, Katrina Antonovich, top 10 interior designer uae

вторник, 17 октября 2017 г.

Fashionable and luxurious interiors of Katrina Antonovich

In fashion, there is always harmony, perfection and perfection. Katrina Antonovich creates interiors that are filled with a deep philosophical meaning of cordiality, hospitality, family joys and warmth of the hearth. Luxury, which reflects the grandeur of the royal palace. Comfort, which is closely related to new technologies. Unique decor, which is created by the author's sketches of the designer. All these moments are inherent in every project of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

Katrina Antonovich, top 10 interior design uae, Luxury Antonovich Design

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The art of interior design from Katrina Antonovich

Each new design project in Katrina Antonovich is the realization of her customers' dreams. Beautiful interiors are a source of pride and an ideal habitat. Already at the stage of visualization, the design of the project can in detail look at the beauty of the future house. In the projects of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design epochs, traditions, technologies and family values intersect. The art of interior design from Katrina Antonovich is a philosophy of luxury and comfort.

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среда, 11 октября 2017 г.

The luxury of the new millennium from Katrina Antonovich

Modern palaces, created by interior designer Katrina Antonovich, embody the unity of traditions and modern technologies. Behind external beauty, impeccability and aesthetic perfection is the work of professionals of the highest level. The creative ideas of the designer combined with new innovations allow creating luxurious interiors, never repeating themselves. Create interiors of villas, residences and palaces that will enter the history of design and architecture with Katrina Antonovich.

Katrina Antonovich, interior designer

вторник, 10 октября 2017 г.

Luxury living room design ideas from Katrina Antonovich

The royal interiors created by designer Katrina Antonovich are always filled with the warmth of home comfort, beautiful decor and unique design solutions. The classic style of the designer combines with notes of oriental and art deco. Lush decor of walls and ceilings is perfectly combined with elite furniture. The interior of the living room is the culmination of a beautiful history of luxury and comfort.

Luxury living room design ideas,  Katrina Antonovich

вторник, 3 октября 2017 г.

The art of luxury and comfort from Katrina Antonovich

 Interior design as art is presented by Katrina Antonovich. Her studio in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design is focused on the design of luxury real estate. Each new project is a unique work of art for a luxurious and comfortable life. The designer works in classical style, modern style and art deco. Katrina Antonovich skillfully combines the latest technology and beautiful traditions. As a result, luxurious and unordinary interiors are obtained. The most respectable houses of the world are decorated by the designer in accordance with the best traditions, innovations and fashion trends.
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Luxury modern house design of Katrina Antonovich

Modern style in the interiors of Katrina Antonovich are bright and creative ideas for a luxurious life. This beautiful villa in Dubai embodies the new trends in fashion interior design. Open spaces, light range of colors, natural materials and modern lighting. All this is an interior designer who represents one of the TOP 10 interior design companies Dubai, combines in a holistic and beautiful image of the interior of an elite villa.

TOP 10 interior design companies Dubai, Katrina Antonovich