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Katrina Antonovich and her philosophy of luxury

"I work to make the world more beautiful. I strive to ensure that everyone is surrounded by absolute comfort and aesthetic perfection in all aspects of life. The philosophy of my work is creating an inexhaustible source of happy emotions. "- Katrina Antonovich, interior designer and architect.
The world of luxury from Katrina Antonovich is not just a beautiful interior with expensive finishes or a luxury house with rich architecture. It is an opportunity to create eternal values. Those values ​​that will please more than one generation. Elite design and architecture from Katrina Antonovich is, first and foremost, exclusivity and the highest quality.

Architect Katrina Antonovich, interior designer

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Landscaping of the future from Katrina Antonovich

Like any direction of art, and landscape design, modern technologies directly concern today. Designer Katrina Antonovich develops projects of landscape design that reflect future trends and at the same time preserve the best traditions. Absolute comfort is obtained by the clients of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio  both inside and outside the house. Katrina Antonovich creates true paradise oases, which complement the beauty of architecture.

Landscaping Dubai, Katrina Antonovich

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Luxury architecture from Katrina Antonovich

Luxury architecture from Katrina Antonovich
This beautiful architectural project at home from Katrina Antonovich clearly and expressively speaks about the respectability of home owners, their subtle understanding of the beautiful and the opportunity to afford the very best. Architect Katrina Antonovich combines the architectural details, the texture of the walls, the silhouette of the building and the color scheme very harmoniously. Each author's architectural project of a talented author reflects a clear perception of three-dimensional forms and a common space. Because of this work, a luxurious mansion has turned out, which are aesthetically perfect and harmonious. Perfect harmony of shapes and lines creates the impression of continuity of the beautiful appearance of the building. The design of the facade of the house is closely interconnected with its interior decoration. Already on the external appearance of the building you can judge the magnificent moments of luxury. The architectural design of the house in Nigeria became a vivid expression of the grace of forms and lines.

Beautiful architecture, Architect Katrina Antonovich

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Beautiful Architectural project from Katrina Antonovich

The beauty of the outside world is divided into two main categories. It is the perfection of nature and the beauty of man's creations. The art of architecture from Katrina Antonovich definitely becomes that part of the surrounding world that fills life with eternal beauty and everyday comfort. The new architectural design of the country residence included the development of both the architecture of the building itself, the design of its facade, and also the landscape design. Only working with complex solutions you can achieve absolute harmony and perfection. Traditions of architecture Katrina Antonovich closely intertwines with modern technologies. The ideal plasticity of the building, its correct proportions and beautiful framing in the form of a landscape lay at the heart of the beauty of this architectural project.

The most expensive houses, architectural project, Katrina Antonovich

Искусство архитектуры от Елена Антонович

Красота внешнего мира разделяется на две основных категории. Это совершенство природы и красота творений человека. Искусство архитектуры от Елена Антонович определенно становится той частью окружающего мира, которая наполняет жизнь вечной красотой и каждодневным комфортом. Новый архитектурный проект загородной резиденции включил разработку как непосредственно архитектуры здания дизайн его фасада, а также ландшафтный дизайн. Только работая с комплексными решениями можно добиться абсолютной гармонии и совершенства. Традиции архитектуры Елена Антонович тесно переплетает с современными технологиями. Идеальная пластика здания, его правильные пропорции и красивое обрамление в виде ландшафта лежат в основе красоты этого архитектурного проекта.

Самые дорогие дома, архитектурный проект, Елена Антонович

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Best home interior design by Katrina Antonovich

The world of interior design Katrina Antonovich is filled with happiness and bright colors. The designer complements the space with positive emotions and absolute comfort. Katrina Antonovich improvises easily with different styles, materials and textures. The bright individuality of the designer's talent combines with the individual character of the customer. As a result, such interesting and expressive interiors are obtained. In this design project the living room is a classic style quite harmoniously coexists with a bright art deco. And the main accents of color in the interior were the items of upholstered furniture. The happiness of owning your ideal habitat becomes a reality for the clients of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design

best home interior design, Katrina Antonovich, Luxury Antonovich Design

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Architectural design solutions of Katrina Antonovich

Contemporary architecture takes on a new philosophical meaning. In addition to the external beauty and internal functionality of buildings, the art of the architect is to create a unique image. Architectural design solutions of Katrina Antonovich is a wonderful moment when the future opens before us. Intertwining of cultural traditions, a new view on the use of materials and the bold use of new technologies. All these moments, the architect Katrina Antonovich successfully applies in all her projects.

Architectural design solutions, Katrina Antonovich